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God Is Body Butter

God Is Body Butter is a heavenly scented body butter created as a way to explore the meaning of restoration for our temples – our bodies.  What better way to explore restoration with a product that was created by my oldest born daughter, Patricia, CEO & Founder of Sunflower Sugar Scrubs? It’s time to heal our temples.

Restore U Body Oil

Restore U Body Oil is a lightly scented body oil made with essential and organic oils that moisturizes and restores the skin; especially for those who have loose skin and strecth marks.  How do I know?  I use this mixture of oil with my God Is Body Butter.  Note: Please test on a small portion of skin prior to full use.  

The 90-Day Journal for Parents: Career Development Through Restoration

The 90-Day Journal For Parents allows parents of all ages and backgrounds to use the power of guided prompts and self-reflection to delve deep into their career paths; create postive, sustainable change; and make the necessary mindset shift to total restoration. 

Music Playlists

Workout Playlist

    Music that keeps Dr. Jones motivated while working out. 


Gospel Playlist

                 God Is! music that keeps Dr. Jones uplifted. 


Romance Playlist

                Music that sets the mood for #JonesLove.


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