welcome to the queen mindset subscription box!

Queen Mindset Subscription Box

Our subscription box focuses on the whole woman.  The woman who is ready to focus on eliminating the ills in her life through a high level of accountability from Dr. Shaniqua Jones. Ills are those things that weigh us down and prevents us from being the women God has called us to be and/or completing our assignments.

The Queen Mindset Subscription Box includes invigorating items that compels you to positive, sustainable change.  These items include:

  • Purple Path Read of the month
  • Access to Purple Path monthly webinars at no additional cost
  • Purple Path Scented Candle Melts
  • Purple Path Affirmation Cards
  • Purple Path Journal and pen, sticker, magnet, button, and key chain

All valued at $165 for ONLY $50/monthly.  

You can cancel subscription anytime.

Launched March 3, 2022!



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