Hey all!  Catch this deal for the entire month of April.  You will receive a personalized copy of my memoir, 12: A Memoir To My Younger Self that allows the reader to learn more about my journey from poverty to wealth in the span of my then 35 years of life.  It does not end there, you will receive a copy of my newest book, Pineapple Orange Juice: Bridging The Gap Between Parents and Educators which focuses on the tips and tools needed to humanize all of our experiences to redefine the village and reimagine education for students, parents/guardians, and educators.  Last but not least, you will receive a set of my Purple Path Affirmation Cards that consist of 40 double-sided cards with words of encouragement.  Oh!  I almost forgot; you will get some freebies too!  Don’t wait!  All of this for $50.


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Purple Path Promo

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