Post: Jones Academy of Excellence Grad Ceremony!

Did y’all know how amazing we are as a family? Jones Academy of Excellence brought the entire village today for our promotion and graduation ceremony! When it comes to educating our children, we have to be equipped with the resources, skills, and tools to meet them where they are to get them to where they need to be.

Thank you to our village for trusting our team to educate, uplift, and equip our babies this school year.

Charita Heyybosslady Pates, I so love you and your family – our family!

Latricia Alexander, Lisa Jenkins, Risa Jenkins, Patricia High, and Janae McEwen – THANK YOU for a successful school year and experience! I know we envisioned so much more but we did that y’all!

Cousin/brother, Marvin Jefferson – love you for life!

To my husband, what we envisioned together lives on beyond our current circumstances. I love you, Mr. Jones!!!!

To every supporter – Thank YOU!

God is!

To learn more about our work, go to

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