A Journey Not Shared

is a soul

not healed

Choose to be restorative to humanize those who have been dehumanized.

What is Purple Path?

Purple Path is an organization founded on the principles of Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices that help youth, families, educators, and law enforcement agents understand and live a more meaningful existence and dismantle the punitive systems that alienate and dehumanize life.  Purple Path provides outstanding motivational signature talks that focus on the power of storytelling to aid in the healing process.  We provide full wraparound services for youth and families impacted by deep-rooted harms.

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Purple Path's Solution

Purple Path removes the barriers that tend to alienate and dehumanize those that have been harmed as well as those who have caused the harm through Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices.  We focus on accountability; building competencies, relationships, and social capital; and community safety.  We provide sustainable and tangible resources to meet the matters of the heart in order to meet the matter of the mind. We pride ourselves on the mantra, A Journey Not Shared is a Soul Not Healed.


Dr. Shaniqua Jones Is An  Author, Motivational Speaker, Educator, And Restorative Justice Practitioner. She Has Self-Published Her First Book, 12: A Memoir To My Younger Self May 2016 And Co-Authored Two Publications On Entrepreneurship Including The Entrepreneur Within You And Success, Failure And Recovery. 

Dr. Shaniqua Jones completed her doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership with a specialization in higher education in May 2016. Her diverse background in academics and her profession as well as her personal journey has allowed her to understand the concerns of those she serves. With a proven professional code of high standards within the post-secondary arena, she accepted a two-year assignment as Director of Community Engagement and Diversity Programs at Trinity Christian College. She advised students to serve in various capacities across the country, mentored scholars with a rewarding college experience through academic preparation and spiritual formation ingenuity and provided opportunities to discuss matters of the heart as it relates to diversity and social justice utilizing Restorative Practices.